Change Management

Change Management

Change management is the systematic approach and application of knowledge, tools and resources to deal with change. Our courses provide concepts and practices intrinsic to organisational change management, as well as how to gain employee commitment and overcome resistance. Techniques for inspiring and leading staff to embrace and sustain change to keep the organisation moving in the right direction.

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Change Management Courses across New Zealand

ITSM Hub’s change management certification courses are designed to assist enterprises and their staff to manage the impact of change and provide processes to efficiently plan and implement successful transformation initiatives.

Based on the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook – partnered with the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) – ITSM Hub’s courses cover how change affects, and is affected by, organisations, teams, individuals and change leaders, equipping team members with the knowledge, theories and techniques to:

  • Unlock resistance to change
  • Offer efficient support and motivation to people and teams to embrace change
  • Draw from various professional approaches to implement change smoothly and efficiently
  • Inform and manage key stakeholders throughout the change process
  • Quickly implement change initiatives

ITSM Hub’s Change Management courses are accredited through APMG International and Change Management Institute.

Our approach to change management training

ITSM Hub’s courses cover all aspects of change management to ensure IT professionals and organisations are equipped with the resources to handle these changes. Organisations often come up against various hurdles that resist their ability to implement a project, and in the past this has caused serious headaches.

However, becoming adept to change management can ensure that the obstacles organisations encounter can be more readily dealt with. It is not the business or process that needs to change, rather the individuals, as they are required to adapt to these hurdles in order to complete the task.

ITSM Hub’s change management training will equip professionals and organisations with a framework for developing a clear pathway to success. Our courses include:

  • Foundation: This course aims to provide individuals and organisations with techniques required to handle change. This includes knowledge and theories regarding unlocking and comprehending resistance to change, providing support and knowledge to teams to work through change, as well as drawing from professional approaches to ensure effective management of the situation.
  • Change Management Practitioner: This course is designed to teach individuals how to apply the many principles found in the “foundation” class to real world situations. Students should leave the course with the knowledge of how to identify change drivers and apply them in a workplace situation.

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What is Change Management training?

The change management training provides attendees with the core concepts and leadership practices intrinsic to organisational change management, as well as strategies on how to gain employee commitment and overcome resistance.

The training was well organised and the structure made sure that the complete syllabus was covered nicely in two days. The instructors method of explaining the concepts in story format including industry relevant examples made learning very easy, interactive and helpful.

Kapil K.

Satisfied Customer

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