Service Improvement Roadmap

Let’s chat. We can discuss your pain points and how this roadmap might help

What is a Service Improvement Roadmap?

When an organisation decides to adopt an IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy, it needs to start with a vision and commence with a roadmap and plan.

Adopting a new ITSM philosophy is a considerable undertaking and requires a proven implementation methodology to underpin it. Our consultants will help guide your organisation and provide a smooth transition toward a new way of working.

Service Improvement roadmap objectives

  • Why are we doing this? – the vision
  • Where do we want to be? – specific objectives and outcomes relevant to the vision
  • What should our overall approach be to achieve the desired outcome?

Clients will get the most value from our roadmap service offering when in conjunction with our process maturity assessment which provides the baseline in which to set the improvement journey from.

How is a roadmap conducted?

The Service Improvement Roadmap workshop should be scheduled shortly after the management and leadership team have received and evaluated the process maturity assessment report recommendations. 

The workshop takes between half and one day, depending on the complexity of the client’s existing program of work and strategies.

Typical Agenda

  • Introductions and statement of purpose
  • Re-cap of Executive Summary overall conclusions and recommendations
  • Mapping of assessed process maturity against perceived importance to the client
  • Client Strategies and Objectives, and dependency upon IT process results
  • Client Constraints affecting desired actions – budget, existing program of work, relative priorities, external factors
  • Nomination of relative priorities and sequencing of assessment report improvements, based on preceding discussion points
  • Identification and discussion on dependent actions/initiatives
  • Confirmation of selected opportunities and nominal roadmap sequence for documenting and presenting.

How ITSM Hub can assist

Our consultants can help you connect the dots between current issues and desire for improvement and working out which things matter the most to your business.

We can facilitate or assist with:

  • Evaluation of competing improvement opportunities
  • Conduct of roadmap and planning workshops
  • Development of service improvement roadmaps, preparing a 2–3-year roadmap
  • Highlighting of organisation-specific risk factors and constraints

Service improvement roadmap benefits

  • Business priorities and constraints are identified and placed in context at the outset
  • Incorporates real-world guidance on improvement dependencies and timescales
  • Produces realistic and practical roadmaps
  • Reduces rework and wasted effort
  • Delivers clear objectives

Next steps, getting started

Let’s chat. We can discuss your pain points and how this roadmap might help