Can I become a business partner?

Can I become a business partner?

A business partner is responsible for building relationships between the business units and functions such as IT, HR and Finance, to ensure that services and products are aligned with the organisation and its customers’ needs. BRMs work closely with the company to develop and prioritise business needs and determine what services are required to ensure they are effectively delivered. It is essentially about getting the most out of the organisation’s capabilities.

The role is vital for ensuring optimal business partner satisfaction. When IT delivers optimal business value and completes every request the company makes there is guaranteed best return on investment in IT. A BRM has to work with the business to understand the value of a service and help create the best return on IT investment. Similarly, a BRM can ensure that HR services enable the organisation to attract, retain and develop the best candidates.

What skills does a BRM need?

A BRM has a certain skill set that makes them succeed in the role. This includes, but is not limited to:

Relationship management

– A BRM must manage supply chain and relevant communications.

– Know which plans and actions are required to develop services that meet customer needs.

– Ensuring customer requirements are understood and delivered.

Understanding customer requirements

– Conduct analysis and investigations to document customer needs.

– Advise customers on solutions and which will work best for them.

– Work as a customer advocate throughout strategy implementation.

Business case and strategy development

– Develop and present a cost-beneficial business analysis.

– Present/selling company plans to stakeholders.

– Address financial, organisational and political interests.


– Present and clarify complex messages.

– Utilise logic to win stakeholder support.

– Present difficult messages with a diplomatic standpoint.


– Know how to influence different parties.

– Identify what tools can be used for negotiation.

– Utilise collaborative problem solving to achieve goals.

Sales management

– Produce a sales strategy and support procedure.

– Present an effective response to customer sales enquiries.

Environmental awareness

– Research/understand industry trends.

– Minimise business risks.

– Maximise the benefits for the organisation.

Can you become a BRM?

If you possess the above skills, becoming a BRM could be for you. A BRM has to be able to work closely alongside the business partner to develop procedures to ensure optimal return on investments made by the organisation in corporate services and products such as IT systems and services. It is a role that carries great responsibility and people management. The BRM has to be able to effectively communicate their message to the technical specialists, stakeholders and customers to ensure that each party understands what is required to deliver the best outcome on a project in order to maximise ROI.

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