Digital Business Risk Awareness Certificate

Digital Business Risk Awareness Certificate

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This 1-day instructor-led Digital Business Risk Awareness course is an introductory level which is non-examinable. 

The course takes candidates on a journey to understand how the ever-changing cyber threat landscape impacts an organisation's ability to secure the value of its digital business services. 

This course is the first in a series of NIST Cyber Security Professional training courses designed to help organisations create a culture-driven, adaptive, cyber-resilient enterprise capable of creating, protecting and delivering business value.

Course Overview & Learning Outcomes

This course teaches senior leadership, boards, and all employees the fundamentals of digital business, it's risks and why organisations of any size, scale and complexity need o build an overlay model capable of operationalising any framework (NIST, ISO, COSO, ITSM, GRC etc) or standard (ISO) to facilitate secure, resilient and auditable digital business outcomes. 

The Awareness course covers the following topics:

Digital Transformation: Becoming Digital

  • Basics of Digital Transformation
  • Becoming Digital
  • Cyber Security & Digital Transformation
  • DX & the Framework
  • Digital Transformation 

Understanding Cyber Risks

  • Cyber Risk Equation
  • Cyber Risk Components
  • Basics of Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Understanding Cyber Risks

NIST Cyber Security Framework Fundamentals

  • NIST-CSF Overview
  • Framework Core, Tiers & Profiles
  • NIST CSF Fundamentals

Who should attend

  • Executives seeking to further understand digital business, digital business risk and how the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can help manage those risks and ensure improved governance.
  • Organisations of all sizes seeking to begin changing the cybersecurity culture within an organisation enabling employees to understand why and how digital business and associated cybersecurity risk materialises and what can be done about it.
  • Individual students seeking to enter the NIST training program.


There are no pre-requisites for this Awareness course

Course Material & Inclusions

Material for this course will be provided by TSO (The Stationary Office) and can be viewed on a variety of devices.  

A practical guide to "Adopting the NIST Cyber Security Framework" eBook

Our virtual instructor-led classes include a $25 lunch voucher for each day, this means you can get your lunch organised whether you do it from home or the office. The voucher is provided via email on the first morning of the course.

A certificate of attendance + membership to our LinkedIn community.

A digital badge you can share with your network of your course achievement will be provided via email upon completion of your course.

An amazing instructor who explained the content very clearly and at a very good pace. This was a good balance and approach to learning in a three day intensive period. I found the worked examples very practical and very relatable to the Defence industry sector I work in.

Mary W.

Satisfied Customer

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