Design Thinking in Action: Business Simulation

Design Thinking in Action: Business Simulation

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This one-day workshop, "Design Thinking in Action," offers an immersive, hands-on experience aimed at introducing participants to the principles and practices of Design Thinking through an engaging business simulation.

Objectives of this simulation workshop:

  • Foster creative problem-solving skills
  • Enhance collaborative abilities
  • Drive a culture of innovation within the organisation
  • Empower participants to become proactive innovators

This simulation game can be held in our virtual classroom with our expert facilitator or bring us onsite to your place for an interactive face-to-face session. 

Simulation Overview

Tailored to the specific needs of each organisation, this workshop emphasises "learning by doing." Participants will engage in a customised challenge that promotes experimentation and friendly competition. Working in teams, they will develop, prototype, and pitch new services, products, or initiatives inspired by a shared theme.

By fostering psychological safety, promoting play, and embracing the concept of "failing forward," the workshop aims to instil a sense of ownership and initiative, driving continuous improvement and creative solutions.

  1. Introduction to Design Thinking
    • Overview of Design Thinking principles and methodologies
    • Introduction to the business simulation and customised challenges
  2. Business Simulation Phases
    • Empathise: Understanding the user
    • Define: Framing the challenge
    • Ideate: Generating creative solutions
    • Prototype: Building to understand
    • Test: Learn from feedback
    • Pitch: Crafting a compelling case
  3. Reflection and Integration
    • Reflect on key learnings
    • Discuss how to integrate Design Thinking into day-to-day work
    • Identify next steps for embedding a culture of practical innovation within the organisation


Drawing on renowned Design Thinking methodologies including from the British Design Council, the workshop uses scenario-based activities and role-playing to facilitate learning. Through a series of hands-on exercises, participants will: 

  • Gain a deep understanding of user needs and experiences
  • Craft clear problem statements
  • Generate out-of-the-box ideas
  • Create low-fidelity prototypes to test concepts
  • Iterate based on feedback
  • Present compelling cases to gain buy-in from decision-makers

The workshop balances deep thinking with high-energy activities, creating a memorable learning experience. Participants often find that it pushes them out of their comfort zones and helps them discover and utilise their untapped talents, bringing meaningful ideas to life in a viable fashion. Additionally, the workshop empowers participants to take ownership of the innovation process, encouraging them to apply Design Thinking principles confidently in their daily work.

Learning Outcomes

The following aspects will be experienced and discussed:

  • Understand the designer's mindset
  • Master Design Thinking principles and methods
  • Learn techniques to generate, develop and communicate ideas and solutions
  • Build confidence to apply Design Thinking in real-world scenarios
  • Empower participants to champion innovation within their organisation

      Who should attend

      Creative problem-solving is a necessary skill for employees at all levels within the organisation. This workshop is designed to be a transformative experience that equips participants with the skills and confidence to apply Design Thinking techniques effectively in their professional roles, fostering a robust innovation culture within their organisations. Ultimately, this empowers participants to drive meaningful change and sustained innovation within their teams and the broader organisation.


      There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.  

      Exam & Certification

      There is no examination for this workshop. This workshop is designed to help translate knowledge from the our certification offerings. 

      An amazing instructor who explained the content very clearly and at a very good pace. This was a good balance and approach to learning in a three day intensive period. I found the worked examples very practical and very relatable to the Defence industry sector I work in.

      Mary W.

      Satisfied Customer